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Inspiring The Youth
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More Invisible Updates!
Sun, August 19, 2012 - 1:44 am

Hey everybody! I just spent a whole bunch of my valuable time changing a whole bunch of code for the site. And probably nobody will notice! So, I am writing this incredibly informative blog entry! According to my usage data, one of the most popular activities on this site has been complaining that there are not enough new comics. And so, I have added a handy new button that will help you people complain way more efficiently! I hope you can find this new button, because complaints about not being able to find the complaint button will probably just drive me to shut down this whole site and go on a killing spree. Another new feature is the random comic button. This will be very helpful to those of you who can't make your own decisions. And all the other changes you will almost certainly never ever know about. And now I must go try to draw some new comics, fail, then cry myself to sleep.